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We have many habitats which attract a wide variety of wildlife. In 2008, the London Borough of Merton created a reed-bed at the end of the lake to attract new species to the Common.

South Meadow

Many butterflies are seen on the Meadow. Try and spot small coppers, purple hairstreak and and holly blues.

The Oaks and North Meadow

Oaks are amazing habitats: each may be home to dozens of animal species. In Spring, caterpillars on leaves are food to many birds. The shy tree-creeper is well camouflaged but may be seen on tree trunks.

You'll see lots of birds feeding in the grass field - wood pigeons, magpies, 

green woodpeckers and mistle thrushes. Foxes can be seen at dusk hunting for slugs and mice and you might even hear an owl.

The Lake

Mallard, heron, coot and moorhen live here all year round.

At other times you may also spot vivid coloured Mandarin ducks, tufted ducks, Canada geese, cormorant, and if you're very lucky, kingfisher.

In Winter you'll see gulls, most are the black headed species but their heads are only black in summer. 

Dragonfly larvae live in the muddy lake bottom. In summer you may see brown hawkers and broad-bodied chasers as well as the smaller damsel flies. 

Reed bed

Frogs, toads and newts use this area to breed in and the reeds are a good nesting place for birds.

In Spring you may see frog spawn or tadpoles. Frogs, toads and newts are protected species so you must leave them there.

Bat Roost

Four sorts of bat live on the Common. Soprano and Common pipistrelles, Daubenton's and Leisler's bats. In the daytime they sleep in holes in trees and at dusk in summer they fly over the lake hunting insects. They use high-pitched calls and echo location to catch insects.

Squirrel Path

As well as grey squirrels you can find robins, wrens and other song birds. 

Hedgerow habitat

This is a great place to spot blue, great and long-tailed tits, greenfinch, goldfinch and dunnock.

The Orchard

Noisy green ring-necked parakeets roost and nest in the poplar trees.

Woodland area

Woods provide food and shelter for many species of birds. See if you can spot greater spotted woodpeckers, jackdaws and crows.You might glimpse a sparrowhawk hunting its prey. 

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