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About Cannon Hill Common

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The Friends of Cannon Hill Common

We are local residents who enjoy the Common, a beautiful green space with a pond, birds, wildlife and woods. 
We work to preserve and develop the resources of the Common for the benefit of everyone.


We love considerate visitors.

We try hard to preserve the nature that thrives on the Common and appreciate all the visitors that help us do that.

A few things that really help:

  • Feed the ducks oats, grain and other floating duck food. See this article for more information on why we ask you to avoid giving them bread

  • Taking litter home - there are many bins around the Common, but they often get really full, especially at the weekends. Also, some of the naughtier inhabitants of the Common (foxes, crows, magpies - we are looking at you!) really enjoy picking things out of the bins and scattering them everywhere!

  • Cycling - a reminder that Merton Council classify the Common as a no-cycling area. Interestingly, horses aren't permitted either. Neither are any other beasts of burden, pigs, goats, cattle or sheep!


"My family and friends enjoy the Common all year round. 
I joined the Friends of Cannon Hill Common as I wanted to help preserve its beauty and be a part of something special"

Rob Christopher - Committee Member

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